Counselor in Training (CIT) 2021

Location: Montreal, Quebec

Learn how to be the best. Counselor in Training/Junior Counselor is a position for those who are interested in becoming a future counselor. They are responsible for assisting a counselor with their campers. This position also involves training in counseling, animating activities and planning Theme Days.


The C.I.T. is assigned to a different cabin in the three camp sessions in order to experience different age groups.


Lives in the cabin with the campers as well as assists during meals and other times of the day as well all of the daily activities (wake-up, bell time, meal times, activities, free-play, evening program


Present and actively engaged in all C.I.T. workshops.


Complete duties in a timely manner and respecting all deadlines:


- Journals

- Camp Evaluations

- C.I.T. self-evaluations

- Evening program performances


Being punctual and respecting the schedule is crucial for the success of our camp program which includes but is not limited to:

- Free-play duties

- Any meetings/workshops

-The Bell


-Night duty



Participate and attend all activities relating to the campers: evening program, free plays, picnics, overnights, special days, the bell, tribal spirit etc.


15 yrs old+


Experience working with kids